Google’s New Weather Map Contains More Information Than You’ll Ever Need

Android: Finding “weather” on your phone has always been a quick way to find out how cold it is outside. However, Google has now added a ton of new information to its updated weather map.

When you first search for weather on your phone (Android only so far), you will see a regular daily forecast with an hourly breakdown. You can click to view tomorrow or 10 days forecast.

However, the really interesting moment comes when you press the little down arrow on today’s forecast. Google can now provide you with information on outdoor air quality (useful for people with sensitive respiratory conditions), UV index, and even how much daylight you have left during the day. This is an insane amount of information about the weather outside, all in one word.

Update: Oops. Looks like we discussed this yesterday . We just really want you to know about the weather, okay? Stay safe there!

Get Ready For The Next Storm With New Android Weather | Google Inside Search via Android Police


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