Geotag the Best Restaurants in Restaurants With Instagram Geotagging

People love to photograph their food and share it with everyone. So why not use this to your advantage? You can use Instagram photos of people to find the best food in restaurants you haven’t been to before.

You’ve read Yelp reviews so you know the place you’re headed to is a good one. But what’s the best thing about them? Jeremy Jacobovitz, President of Brunch Boys , invites you to go to Instagram to find out:

When looking for a place, the first thing I want to know is what dishes I’m going to look at. I usually use geotagging on Instagram and see what everyone else is photographing.

Open the Instagram app, tap the magnifying glass icon, then tap the search bar. There you can search for your restaurant by name, or click the Places tab on the right and search from there. At the very least, you will know exactly what you will get when you order the dishes you see. If you want to double-check your choice, you can always ask the staff what they think. You can find some more tips for finding restaurants in the link below.

5 Tips From The Brunch Boys To Help You Improve Your Brunch | Mashable


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