Create Bogus Social Media Accounts to Win Competitions Without Annoying Everyone

You probably haven’t quite experienced the emotional frustration of not winning the Powerball yet . Well good news! There are many contests on the Internet that you can take part in. With a dummy social media account, you can log into all of them without annoying your friends.

Everyone saw these “RT for Victory!” contests. Many companies offer prizes in exchange for likes, retweets, or other social media metrics. Most of us only rarely (if ever) get into these things because we are afraid to alienate the people we interact with online, flooding them with a parade of nothing but reposts and retweets.

However, as computer culture site Geek Portal points out, you don’t have to use your primary account. Create a dummy Twitter or Facebook account and you can share whatever you want because no one is paying attention. Since most civilized people want to post more than just contest entries on social media, your competition begins to diminish. In fact, they can even help you:

So finding out who to follow is a little more difficult and really a matter of trial and error. I’ve looked at searches like “RT to win” or hashtags like #contest, #win or #giveaway and keep track of brands that have contests and prize draws. I started to notice that there are certain people who will participate in each competition. These intense contributors are now the people you want to follow because it makes it much easier to find contests and giveaways as their retweets or reposts will show up in your [feed].

As with coupons , the profitability of social media contests depends on how much time you want to spend on them. The author says she spent 6 hours a week on contests and won about $ 16,000 in prizes during 2015. The $ 51.49 per hour return is not bad, but you might not want to spend so much time on it. However, if you’ve ever come across a contest you want to enter, use a dummy account and don’t go idle because you don’t want to pester people who are following you. Check out the full article below to learn more about how to win social media contests without thinking too much.

Use Social Media To Win In Technology, Movies, Music And More | Computer Fan Portal


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