Change the Base Paper Towel Holder for More Convenient One-Handed Use

Most paper towel holders work great if you have two hands free. However, if one hand is busy, you need to be a well trained ninja to pull only one sheet from a roll. A few suction cups and some pool noodle foam will fix that.

This YouTube video Shake the Future shows you how to turn any regular paper towel holder into a more convenient multi-tasking device. Some cheap suction cups and some glue will make your paper towel holder stop sliding across your countertop. Then, a little bit of noodle foam added to the center pole will create enough friction on the roll so you can easily pull the individual sheets with one hand. Whether you’re holding a baby or a slice of pizza, a paper towel is now just in one hand.

Change Your Paper Towel Holder For One-Handed Use | Youtube


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