Decorate Your Room in No Time With a Speedy Clutter Removal Game

Cleaning the entire house may take some time. If you’re short on time but still want to tidy up your room quickly, a clutter elimination game can help you avoid clutter.

As Erin Boyle of Food52 explains , getting rid of the clutter doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. It can feel like a speed date, where you first get rid of what you know you don’t want and then decide if you’re ready for a long-term relationship with the rest. Boyle invites you to take a timer, set it to 20 minutes, and choose the room you want to clear out the clutter in:

Stand in the middle of the room and spend ten minutes identifying objects in your field of view that are trash rather than treasure. These can literally be consumables: catalogs, waste paper, and empty bottles (why ?!). Garbage can also be things that are already missing in a practical sense, but still remain … useless for you and need to be removed. Ten minutes later, you’ll easily have a bunch of things … Make one pile of three: things to be thrown away, recycled and given away. Take another five minutes to collect your stacks and make a plan for getting them out the door.

Timing forces you to make quick decisions about what you want to keep. It also forces you to finally acknowledge the feelings you have for certain subjects. You probably already know what kind of junk you’re storing, but speed decluttering gives you a starting point for actually eliminating it.

Runaway speed: how to remove in the blink of an eye | Food 52


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