Create a Dashboard That Displays Whatever Data You Can Imagine With Your Raspberry Pi

Whether it’s keeping track of your computer’s memory usage or displaying weather information, dashboards are a fun way to keep track of information. Adafruit demonstrates a way to create one with a Raspberry Pi that can track all kinds of data.

The guide walks you through setting up various displays, including both LED and step gauge. The Adafruit version here uses either a dry erase board or a chalkboard, so you can easily change the type of data you’re tracking without overhauling it all. It also shows you how to implement a range of different sensors, but of course it is not limited to showing you how to do it. Once you have a basic concept, you can actually track and display just about anything you can imagine. Either way, head to Adafruit for a guide.

Raspberry Pi Physical Control Panel | Adafrut


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