Bypass Location Restrictions on Netflix or Hulu With VPN Private IP

Overseas streaming of blocked content has always been about setting up a VPN , but sites like Netflix say they are about to start cracking down on VPN users. The How-To Geek points out that the only way to get around this is through a unique IP address.

Basically, you’ll still be running Netflix or Hulu over a VPN, but you’ll need to get a dedicated IP address from that VPN service. VPNs tend to use a shared VPN IP address, which is easier for services like Netflix to identify and block. A dedicated VPN IP address is much more private and more difficult to identify. Many different VPN services offer dedicated IP addresses in their paid plans , including popular options like TorGuard and PureVPN . Netflix will most likely find a way to block this, but this cat and mouse game is one step ahead if you want to access that sweet limited content . Visit How-To Geek for complete information.

How To Watch Netflix, Hulu And More With A VPN Without Blocking | How-To Geek


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