Cheat Thermostat With Protective Box for Office Heating

Is your office thermostat covered with a plastic cover? This clever trick will help you raise the temperature a bit in a freezing office building without even touching the thermostat.

Whether it’s to save money or to keep people from constantly tweaking things, maintenance sometimes covers the office thermostat with a plastic cover so no one can get to it. This video from the HouseholdHacker YouTube channel demonstrates a clever workaround. Go to the break room, fill the bag with ice and place it on top of the drawer. The ice will lower the temperature around the thermostat and turn on the heating to keep things warm again. It won’t completely warm up the heat, but it might be enough to turn your frozen tundra in the office into a viable workspace. If your boss or someone else asks, you’ve technically never touched the thermostat.

Update: Several commenters pointed out that this could potentially cause you problems at work. As always, use this trick at your own risk and consider talking to someone about the rise in temperature before attempting it.

10 Amazing Tricks for Winter Life | Youtube


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