Make a USB Stick Out of Glass in the Microwave

Flash drives come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes (my current favorite is the R2-D2 shape), but would it be cool to do one with your own design? With a microwave and a glass, you can.

In this YouTube video, Shake the Future, you will learn how to melt glass from a bottle and use it to create the look of your USB drive. Start by safely cutting off a few pieces of glass , and then shape the stick out of the paper. The microwave will melt the glass around the mold, and once it cools down, you can glue the flash drive without its case to its new home. The video shows the simplest shapes (rectangle), but you can make a fibrous paper shape for the outside of the glass in whatever shape you like, or buy oven-safe shapes online if you need something really complicated. Sure, microwaves aren’t exactly cheap, but you can get a decent one for around $ 35-45.

DIY Glass USB Drive | Youtube


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