Temporarily Stopping Alcohol Use Has Health Benefits

Alcohol is good for your health , but too much alcohol can damage your health. Even if your alcohol consumption does not reach the level of true dependence , temporary cessation of alcohol consumption will benefit your body.

New Scientist staff tested this idea by abstaining from alcohol for a month, undergoing an assessment by a liver expert. During this time, liver fat has decreased by 15 percent (fat in the liver is a harbinger of liver damage). Participants’ fasting blood glucose levels dropped 16 percent. Employees who continued to drink as usual for a month showed no change in any of the indicators.

The study is small and informal, but it fits with what we know about how alcohol affects our bodies. Instead of quitting smoking for a month and then returning to your regular schedule, it’s probably best to use this as a lesson in how easy it is to reverse some of the effects of alcohol. If you plan your consumption carefully, you can even lose weight by continuing to drink in public . Check out the link below what the New Scientist staff learned from their experiment.

Our Liver Vacation: Is A Dry January Really Worth It? | New scientist


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