Improve Your Chances of Getting Promoted by Focusing on the Future, Not the Past

When you ask for a raise, you usually make the case by reminding your boss of your accomplishments. It works, but for even more effective negotiation, focus on the future rather than the past.

Successful negotiations are about solving problems together – reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. This advice from Business Insider supports this idea. The writer Jenna Goudreau puts it this way:

A former mentor told me that the best way to get an employer to invest more in you is to inspire them for your future together.

Instead of thinking about the past, it is better to paint a picture of your potential and the future value you will bring to the company.

In practice, she explains, this can mean talking about new projects that you would like to take on, or new roles that you would like to take on. It can also mean that you should ask your boss for his or her opinion before asking for a raise. It gives you the opportunity to see what can be improved and tells your boss that you are interested in making progress together.

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The best advice I’ve ever heard on how to get a raise is surprisingly simple. Business Insider


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