When You Need More Energy, Do Something Active, Not Passive.

When you’re not feeling super-energized, your first instinct might be to sit back and relax on the couch. But if you want to regain your energy, do something more active than watching Netflix.

As explained in the advice blog Barking Up the Wrong Tree, passive activities – that is, activities that don’t require you to be very involved, like watching TV – don’t help you much in increasing your energy levels. Feeling exhausted doesn’t always mean you need rest. Sometimes it just means you have to get up and do something:

I know this is illogical. But if you’re tired tonight but don’t want to be tired tomorrow, get active, like playing sports or hanging out with friends.

Don’t run marathon races in front of the TV or mindlessly surf the web.

If you are drowsy or usually tired after having already spent a ton of energy during the day, this is one thing. You may need some rest. But if you’re tired of being in the office all day, or you’re just bored, try working out, going outside, or talking to people to get your energy back.

How To Get More Energy: 8 New Secrets Backed By Research | Bark on the wrong tree


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