Validate a Creative Idea With Three-Step Brainstorming

Whether you are coming up with a side business or trying to figure out which website to launch, chances are you have ideas all the time spinning in your head. To organize and work your brainstorming session, break it down into three steps.

If you have a ton of ideas in your head, it can be tricky to organize . In the video above, KIND founder Daniel Lubezki says there are three main steps or phases to come up with a solid idea. There is a creative phase, a skeptical phase, and an evangelical phase.

In the creative phase, you simply take your ideas and bring them to life. As Lubezki says:

You don’t need filters. You just want to think outside the box. The more you force yourself to think outside the box, the better … Get all your creativity and come up with crazy things, and among those crazy things, there may be that genius thing that has potential.

Once you have an idea that you like, move it into the skepticism phase, where you will critically analyze every detail of the idea and its possible problems. If an idea goes through this phase, you enter “gospel mode” when you fully believe in the potential of your idea.

This is a very basic overview, but it highlights the importance of separating each of these phases so you can focus on the whole brainstorming session that is about cementing an idea and making it great. Watch the full video for more details.

How To Come Up With A Creative Idea In 3 Easy Steps | Entrepreneur (YouTube)


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