Rest of the Day: Elephant in the Valley Highlights Gender Discrimination in Technology

A recent survey of women in tech took a close look at the challenges many women in the industry face, Giphy adds some fun Slack commands to help you display GIFs throughout your workday, and more in today’s roundup.

  • Elephant in the Valley : The group surveyed more than 200 women in technology, predominantly in the Bay Area, about the challenges and challenges they regularly face in the workplace. For example, 90% have witnessed sexist behavior at corporate events or conferences, and 47% were asked to perform tasks of a lower level than their male counterparts.
  • Group video calls come in mobile Skype . This feature will launch on all platforms in the coming weeks if you need portable video conferencing. [The Verge]
  • Giphy already has some great Slack teams and just added a few new features . You can overlay text on an existing animation, or add some nice “figure it out” tints to a photo by simply typing “/ giphy #dealwithit [Photo URL]” in Slack. [The Next Web]
  • Apple is leaving the advertising business . The iAd platform is not going anywhere, but the company will not be involved in creating, selling or advertising and will move to a more automated platform. If anything, it has never been a big part of their business. [BuzzFeed]
  • Good news if you are planning to build a 1: 1 LEGO house: LEGO will no longer ask for an explanation for your bulk order . Previously, if you ordered literally a ton of LEGO from a company, you had to explain your intentions. This stance was previously criticized when LEGO turned down a bulk order from Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei. [Consumer]
  • Did you know you can ask Siri to play beatbox? Ask Siri if she knows how to beatbox. I learned about this from a meme on Facebook.


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