Plan Your Work Week With Your Energy Level in Mind to Make the Most of Your Time

Using good hours when you have the most energy to focus on what you need to do is very beneficial for your productivity. Extend this idea throughout your work week by figuring out which days are best for your tasks.

For example, you might schedule an important meeting or brainstorming session for the middle of the week, when energy is usually high, and tasks that are low on Friday. Jeremiah Dillon, head of product marketing for Google Apps for Work, explains how he applies this to his week:

Monday Energy Boosts Weekend – Schedule low-energy tasks like goal setting, organization, and planning.

Tuesday , Wednesday : Peak Energy – Solve the toughest problems, write, brainstorm, plan your free time.

Thursday : Energy starts to wane – schedule meetings, especially when consensus is needed.

Friday : Lowest Energy – Engage in open work, long-term planning, and relationship building.

Change this plan based on your own energy level. The fact that Tuesday is the peak of energy for many does not mean that then you have to force yourself to solve difficult problems. But remember which days might be the best for everyone if you are scheduling appointments or tasks that involve others.

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