VLC Arrives on Apple TV With Support for Multiple Streaming Options and Video Formats

VLC is one of those fantastic little apps we’ve all come to love , and today Apple TV users can finally take part in the game with the new Apple TV app.

VLC gives you a pretty wide array of ways to access videos on your new Apple TV. You can use it to extract videos from your local network via SMB, DLNA, FTP servers, or Plex. You can even play files manually using the remote play feature, which gives you a URL to enter in your browser, and then you can drag and drop any media into it to play it on your Apple TV. As usual, VLC’s goal is to play pretty much all video formats under the sun, and it still does so on Apple TV. You can download the app by searching for “VLC” on your Apple TV.

VLC Announcement for Apple TV | VideoLAN


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