Reboot the Lost Habit by Doing Only the First Part Each Time

Maintaining momentum is important for maintaining good habits, but sometimes life gets in the way and stops you rooted to the spot. To get back to your old routine, make it easier for yourself by making the simplest commitments.

Zachary Sexton of Asian Efficiency recommends starting by forgiving yourself. It’s okay if you fall off your horse sometimes. The important thing is that you let go of the guilt so that you can start building that momentum again. To do this, Sexton suggests that you perform only the first part of your habit:

Perhaps exercise is a ritual that you want to incorporate into your life. Does the unexpected even knock you off course? This is fine. You go back and just do the first part until this ritual returns. So maybe instead of a 10-mile run, you can just walk along the river.

Do it lightly so you don’t have to try so hard to get back into the rhythm of life. Do you want to return to meditation? To get started, devote just 30 seconds of meditation a day. Want your home to shine again? Do only one job a day. Do you want to read as much as you are used to? Start with 20 minutes a day. Soon your usual muscles will start working, and you will very soon be back to your old rhythm. You can find out more helpful tips for reviving positive habits at the link below.

3 Tips for Resurrection Rituals | Asian efficiency


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