Now Your Kids Can Go to School Alone Without Your Arrest

You may have recently heard some news about parents being arrested for their children going to school alone or playing on the street unattended . You can relax a bit: New federal law allows parents to choose whether or not your kids can get around for free.

The new law is part of the recently passed Every Student Success Act (page 858 of the 1,061-page document). It protects parents from civil or criminal charges for allowing their children to travel to or from school in any way they think is age appropriate.

It doesn’t override state or local laws , but it’s a step forward if you want to give your kids some freedom (even in a dangerous world) . The law also only provides for walking to and from school, but hopefully one day the kids will be able to walk to the park on their own, even if you give them permission to do so.

Federal law says children can go to school alone | Fast company through Slashdot


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