Find Out How Much an Unproductive Meeting Really Costs With This Calculator

Many meetings end up as a waste of time , but wasted time also means wasted money. This calculator will show you how much an unproductive meeting actually costs.

The guys at Harvard Business Review have developed a simple web app that calculates how much a company meeting costs. You will be asked how long the meeting lasts, how many attendees there are, and the estimated salary for each attendee. Once you’ve put all this in, you’ll see how much that quick, half-hour meeting actually costs. There are many necessary appointments, but this calculator certainly sheds new light on less productive appointments. Whether you are holding meetings or simply having to attend, knowing or quoting a cost can help you or the person in charge approach some meetings differently. You can try this and even add a web app to your smartphone home screen from the link below.

Estimate the cost of a meeting with this calculator | Harvard Business Review


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