Beware of These Red Flags When Hiring a Tax Preparer

Even if someone prepares your taxes for you, you are still dependent on the information they send to the IRS. This is why you don’t want to just pick someone to help prepare your taxes. The IRS offers some tips for finding a reliable tax preparer.

According to the IRS website:

Taxpayers are responsible for the accuracy of all entries made on their tax returns, including related schedules, forms and supporting documentation. This remains true regardless of whether the tax return is prepared by the taxpayer or by the tax preparer.

This means that even if you paid someone to collect taxes, you will end up on the hook for any checks, fees, or fines. Here are some tips and red flags that the IRS points to when it comes to checking the legal tax preparer:

  • Avoid return writers who claim to receive higher returns than others.
  • Avoid compilers who base their fees on a percentage of the refund amount.
  • Never sign a blank tax form.
  • To ask questions. Do you know anyone who has used a tax professional? Are they satisfied with the service they received?

These are just a few tips to keep in mind. If you are thinking of hiring a professional to pay taxes, you need to go to the IRS website for more details.

Tips for Selecting a Return Prep to Make Sure You Are Not Hiring an Abusive Return Prep Agent | IRS via


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