Take a Hearing Test Over the Phone

Ever wondered if your hearing is not what it should be? Instead of having to wait to ask your doctor or audiologist, you can get a landline hearing test for $ 5.

Many more people have hearing problems than are willing to admit it. According to a report by the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association , only 20% of adults with hearing loss have ever sought treatment. By the time people receive hearing aids, they wait an average of 10 years since they discover they need them.

This hearing test helps determine if you have a problem. You pay $ 5 online ( AARP members can get it for free) and receive an access code that you can enter on your phone. Then you will be prompted to listen to the voice sounding the numbers against the background of static, and press the buttons corresponding to the numbers you hear. The test is not designed to be done over a mobile phone, so schedule a friend’s landline for a few minutes if you don’t have one.

The test is scientifically validated and the company conducting the test has no financial ties to hearing aid manufacturers and does not endorse specific audiologists (audiologists). If the test shows that you have hearing problems or if you have problems for any other reason, it is time to seek professional help.

National Hearing Test via NPR


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