Store Fresh Herbs in the Towel-Lined Fresh Vegetable Drawer

You probably already store lettuce and other greens in the refrigerator, but if you line this drawer with towels, those greens will stay fresh longer and will be very close to quick salads or other dishes. Here’s how (and why) it works.

Rinse the fresher vegetable drawer first. Then line it with cotton tea towels to absorb the excess moisture from the greenery. Wash and dry the greens as soon as you receive them. This bath towel method we described earlier works well, or you can use paper towels for the same effect. Then just toss them into the towel drawer and you’re done. Towels absorb moisture and keep greens dry, while cool air prevents them from rotting as quickly as in a plastic bag when in direct contact with condensation. Stir the herbs from time to time during use to prevent settling and moisture accumulation.

You can even use a different towel to create barriers in the bin so you can store multiple types of greenery. Since you’ve already washed your greens before storing them, salads turn out very quickly – just take a handful out of the refrigerator and toss them directly into a bowl or whatever you’re cooking.

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