This DIY Thermal Imaging Camera Detects Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home, Making It Fun to Create

A thermal imager is a really useful device especially for home improvement projects. You can see hot and cold places where your home can lose heat, poorly insulated, or lacking airflow from the HVAC system. Of course, this is just a fun project too, and you can build it yourself.

The Max Ritter Handicraft Thermal Camera comes in two flavors: you can buy a complete kit from him and build your own, complete with his step-by-step instructions, or you can download his manual, find your own parts and build your own from scratch. to finish, download its firmware and source code. The code itself is open source and relatively portable, so you can use it with various components.

When you’re done, you end up with a camera that captures 60 x 80 pixel thermal images and uses the included 640 x 480 pixel visible light camera (obviously small, but definitely sufficient) to create a complete image. It even has an overview screen and gooseneck, and can be connected to a computer via USB. Keep in mind that the kit doesn’t come cheap – it’ll set you back around € 429 ($ 468) from its website, but if you’d rather create your own, it offers a full list of parts from the link below – you can also check out the photos and videos filmed with the camera .

Do-it-yourself thermal camera | via Hackaday


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