Give Yourself a “reflection Break” to Focus on Your Long-Term Work.

You live your daily life, but it’s easy to lose focus in the long run. From time to time, give yourself a day or so to quit, think, and focus again on your long-term goals.

As the productivity site A Life of Productivity points out, it takes time for most of us to step back from the series of day-to-day tasks that all creep into one another to get a glimpse of the long-term trends in our lives. Microsoft founder Bill Gates takes a week to work every year to step back, think, and get a different perspective. Most of us probably can’t afford to quit for just one reason other than thinking about our job (at least not sacrificing equally necessary vacations), but a day is perfectly doable:

When you take a step back to think hard about what is most important in your job and invest in your knowledge and skills – whether it is acquiring new knowledge, launching to learn new things, or coffee with people who you want to learn from – you level up in your work to work smarter, not just harder. The ritual pays off.

Unlike taking a vacation, a reflection break should focus on the general strokes of your work, not the details. You can take some time to brush up on your skills, brainstorm, read a book, study your current workload to find ways to improve it, or simply ask yourself if you are happy with your job. A specific task is not as important as taking a break from everyday little things to see the big picture.

Plan a Reflection Break to Improve Your Work | A productive life with Rockstar Finance


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