Why Travel Should Be in Your Job Search Program

If you’re looking for a new job, it’s tempting to stay on the computer, browse job boards and other sites. In fact, the best thing for your career is to get out of town and wander around town, or better yet, nearby towns. You can find companies nearby that have vacancies for which you can search and apply.

In fact, I’ve done this a lot when I hated my old job, but it’s good advice for anyone looking to make a good career. Hop in your car, hop on the metro or bus, and drive through business parks or parts of the city that you don’t often visit (but are accessible to you). Start with nearby locations that are easy to get to work or wherever you are. I will work with pleasure. Look around at the tops of these buildings or on the fa├žade (or better yet, on Google while you’re there) to see what businesses are located there. Take notes.

Then expand your search a little. Perhaps visit the next city or walk further along the nearest metro line. Do the same and do some research. Leaving your home and behind your computer screen will benefit your mind, and if you’re lucky, you will return with a variety of candidate companies you can search for, read all about, and best of all, check out the available jobs. you can apply for. Then you need to contact the right people, send your resume and wait for the call.

Glassdoor casually mentions this tip in a post below, which is packed with other suggestions if your tried and true job search tips have not yielded results yet. Check it out.

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