Grow Fresh Green Onions All Year Round in a Plastic Bottle

Cold weather or lack of space for a garden shouldn’t stop you from growing your own food . A trip to the garden store for bulbs that you can buy even in the colder months, soil and a five-liter plastic bottle are all you need for an almost endless supply of fresh onions.

Of course, with this setup, you can collect as many green pieces as you like and they will grow back – just don’t take it out entirely, because obviously this will be the end of it. Better yet, if it’s cold where you are, or if you live somewhere with no open space, all you need to do is sit on the windowsill and water regularly before work.

Cut off the neck of the bottle, poke holes in the sides of the bottle with scissors, then place the bulbs with the sprouts at the holes so that they grow neatly. Add soil and seedlings until the bottle is full, water and light up. That’s all there is to it. If it’s warm enough and you water, you will have seedlings all year round. You can see more pictures of the process – and more suggestions to keep your mini onion garden happy – at the link below.

Growing onions vertically on a windowsill | Aunt Dogma’s Garden Corner via Goods Home Design


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