Set up to View Only Attachments in IOS Mail With Quick Toggle

Sorting your inbox is one of those necessary evils, and while the stock iOS Mail app doesn’t have a ton of options to do so, it does have a few clever perks. OS X Daily notes that one of them is a slightly hidden mailbox with attachments.

As the name suggests, the attachment inbox displays all emails you receive that contain attachments. Sounds simple, but it’s an amazingly useful drawer that lets you quickly find what you’re looking for. To customize it, simply open Mail, click the Mailboxes button, then Edit. Here you will see the option to enable “Attachments”. Turn it on and you will always have quick access to all received emails with attachments. If you’ve never fiddled with this menu, it’s worth taking a look at some of the other sorting options in case there is something else that comes in handy.

How to View Emails with Mail Attachments Only for iOS | OS X Daily


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