Make One-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Tonight

If you don’t count water as an ingredient, the only thing required for this chocolate mousse is chocolate. The trick is what you do with it, and this video from Epicurious shows you how. Spoiler alert: It might be easy, but it’s a good job.

You will need 10 ounces of chocolate, preferably dark chocolate as it melts more easily and does not contain as much oil. Add water to coat the chocolate. Melt over medium-high heat until smooth and easy to overflow, then transfer to mixing bowl in a large bowl of ice water. That’s when the work begins. Whisk feverishly until thick and then continue beating until thick, mousse-like, and ready to serve.

That’s all there is to it. Eat it quickly, it will probably harden quickly and you also need to be careful when whipping it so the chocolate doesn’t set and lose its desired consistency, but it’s easy and you can do it anytime. If, of course, you have chocolate.

How to Make One Ingredient Chocolate Mousse »Wiki Useful Epic (YouTube)


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