Learn These Body Language Tricks to Express Affection Better

Communication is difficult in any relationship. If you want to share your love without blurting out “Hey, I like you!” For everyone you meet, a few of these body language tricks will help you get a little more subtle.

Author Leil Lowndes explains in her book How to Talk to Anyone that non-verbal communication is necessary to communicate your intention. This does not only apply to romantic interests. If you want a client, business partner, or just a friend to know that you think positively of them or value them, the way you express this through body language can make a big difference. Business Insider offers some of the best advice from her book. For example, when greeting someone, treat them like an old friend:

When you first meet someone, pretend they are an old friend of yours. This will trigger a variety of subconscious responses in your body, from softening of eyebrows to position of toes, Lowndes said.

An added benefit of this method is that when you act like you like someone, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy – you might actually start to like him. Lounds says: “It all comes down to the fact that love begets love, how it begets similar, respect begets respect.”

Body language is an art in and of itself, and micromanaging every movement of your body can take too much of your energy when you need to communicate. However, a few tricks can help. Lowndes also recommends looking someone in the eye from time to time, even if you’re not talking to them directly, to show interest. If someone you are interested in walks into the room, face them directly instead of catching a glimpse. Read the source link for more simple body language tips you can try.

7 Body Language Tricks To Immediately Love Anyone | Business Insider


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