Four Advertising Tricks That Make Us Buy Things We Don’t Need

Advertising is mesmerizing. Advertisers use a number of psychological tricks to get you to spend. Knowing these tricks is a great way to stop buying unnecessary crap .

In an interview with Advertising COO John Sachs on YouTube, AJ + talks about the main tactics that commercials use to get us.

  • Empowerment. Think of the Dove True Beauty campaign, which used women’s empowerment to promote their brand.
  • Shared Values: Consider REI’s “Opt Out” campaign last Thanksgiving. They encouraged people to spend time outdoors instead of shopping, but for REI it was a great brand reinforcement.
  • Celebrity: Sofia Vergara in a Pepsi ad.
  • Fear of Missing: The video uses a Budweiser ad as an example. They show everyone they are doing cool things and make you want this lifestyle.

The video contains more details, so watch it above or at the link below.

How advertising makes us buy unnecessary bullshit | AJ + (YouTube)


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