Clear Your Mind and Do Some Exercise With Walking Meditation

Many people refuse to practice meditation because they do not want to sit in silence for a long time. Walking meditation will allow you to enjoy all of the mental health benefits, but it will add some physical health benefits.

Taking care of your mind and body is good, so why not work on maintaining them at the same time? On Quora, Patrick Matheson , a venture capitalist at Toba Capital, recommends making your meditation time an active ritual:

Spend some time walking around the city completely immersed in the environment. This means no headphones and no thoughts of anything. Just hang around and interact with your surroundings. Say hello to random people on the street. Just be present . I like to think of it as “walking meditation …”

You are doing more than just walking because you are still incorporating the essential aspects of meditation . As you walk, clear your head, feel each inhalation and exhalation, and pay attention to each step as you walk. As Matheson suggests, if something in the environment needs your attention, take action with it. If you want to make your walking meditation even more relaxed, leave your phone and other gadgets behind.

Patrick Matheson’s answer to the question “Cultivation: What are some good“ mini-habits ”to practice every day? | Quora


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