Set Aside a “service Day” for Less Important Things

Most of us have things to do every week that are necessary but that don’t have much of an impact on your professional or personal progress. Fast Company advises to take on all these tasks and complete them in the day allotted for them.

Chris Bailey, author of the Productivity Project , says that on other days you will save less and have more energy for important projects:

“I felt like I wasn’t stomping water anymore, working for a week on tasks that didn’t move my life forward,” he says. “I had more time and attention for more important and meaningful tasks.”

You may not be able to set aside an entire day for business and meetings. Maybe you will be better on Friday afternoon or at the end of each day. Either way, separating low-impact tasks from high-impact tasks is one way to try to focus on the work that really matters.

Five New Habits That Will Make You More Organized In 2016 | Fast Company


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