Send Automatic Recurring Square Cash Payments With This IFTTT Recipe

Let’s say your roommate takes over the rent and you need to send her a check for your half every month. You can easily set up multiple monthly reminders, but better yet, make this task fully automatic.

Redditor SooieSide has created a very handy If This, Then That (IFTTT) recipe that links to Gmail and Google Calendar. Since you are sending Square Cash payments via email , this recipe will ask for that email at the specified time of the month. They explain how it works:

1) Create a recurring event in your google calendar. 2) The “Title” must include the $ squarecash tag or any other keyword of your choice. 3) “Where” or “Location” can be the email address of whoever you want to send money to – be sure to include in your IFTTT recipe! 4) Description is the dollar amount you want to send, for example $ 200.

This is a simple enough tip that turns your monthly rent (or any other regular money order) into an automatic payment. Check it out at the link below.

Send Recurring Payments to Square Cash with Google Calendar and Gmail | IFTTT via Reddit


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