Drink a Glass of Water Shortly Before Each Meal to Eat Less

You sit down to your meal planning to eat only a small portion. Then you realize that you are very hungry, so you eat twice as much as you planned. Want to break the cycle? Start drinking water before meals.

How hungry you are rarely depends on your specific calorie needs in your diet. Your body doesn’t decide how much you need to eat based on how much you want your target weight to be in six months. Thus, controlling urge to eat more is a useful way to consume less. Researchers at the University of Birmingham in the UK have found that simply drinking a glass of water half an hour before meals can reduce hunger enough to affect how much you eat.

The beauty of these finds is their simplicity. Just drink half a liter of water three times a day before main meals to lose weight … Combined with quick instructions on how to increase physical activity and [eat] a healthy diet, it seems to help people achieve additional weight loss – at a moderate and healthy pace. This is something that does not require much effort to integrate into our busy daily life.

It turns out we’ve looked at this tip before, and another study has come to the same conclusion , so it probably has its merits. Drinking more water is also part of a healthy diet, so if you are not drinking as much water as you need it to be, it can double duty to build the habit. In fact, even if you did eat a whole cheeseburger at lunch, drinking more water won’t hurt, so give it a try.

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