Boost Your Bodyweight Workout With These Suspension Exercises

A suspension machine like the TRX is a great way to make your home workouts more flexible and challenging : just attach a set of straps to a door or other durable anchor and you’re ready to go. This interactive drawing gives you tons of ideas on what to do after setup.

The drawing is taken from Stack 52 , which sells a set of flashcards you can use to train. But the drawing and its equivalent for regular exercises without interruptions can be used free of charge.

The graphics are set up so that you can easily find the exercise you want: there are columns for different body parts that you can navigate to, and lines for the difficulty level: easy, medium, hard and insane. Click the link below to view the full drawing, and then you can click each exercise to watch a video on how to do it.

Periodic Table of Takeoff Exercises | Glass of Power 52


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