Hide Apps in IOS 9 With the Folders Trick

Hiding apps on iOS is a long tradition and the process is always the same. Apple doesn’t let you uninstall apps by default, Fearless Wizard finds it crashing. Apple patches said a glitch in the next update. iOS 9-9.2 is no different.

YouTuber videosdebarraquito demonstrates how to do this. As usual, the process is a little convoluted:

  1. Create a folder with all the apps you want to hide.
  2. While apps are still hesitating, drag the icon one page at a time until you reach a blank page, then release.
  3. Try dragging the icon one more page from a blank page, then click the Home button.

That’s it, you should see the app icon fly off the screen. As usual with these tricks, your icons will reappear on reboot, but in general it’s a pretty easy way to hide the icons. You can still find them through Spotlight, so it can be helpful to simply hide any icons you don’t want others to see.

How to hide apps on iPhone … | Youtube


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