Use Your Ego to Encourage Yourself to Achieve, Not Destroy Someone Else.

Egos get a bad reputation, but it’s not just evil villains. Personal ego can be a catalyst for personal success. Until you use it to trample everyone else in your path.

As the founder and CEO of snack KIND , Daniel Lubetski explaining, ego has a natural tendency to drive us to achieve more. At first, you may be working hard just because you need to eat, but the ego can make you feel proud of your work that goes beyond the basics. It can force you to achieve more than you could otherwise. It’s great. The ego problem arises when it is offended by the successes of others:

“We all have insecurities. We all have periods when we can be threatened by this or that … It is very natural and very normal that when you attract people, sometimes when someone great or great, you compete with them … But sometimes our the ego gets in the way. “

Although there is a fine line between good and bad ego, you can use how much harm your ego is doing as a measure to determine which side of the line you are on. Does your ego motivate you to do your best? This is good! Does this motivate you to crush the bones of enemies into dust and blow this dust away with the wind? Maybe it will hurt you more than it will help you.

Ego is great. Don’t let this get between you and your colleagues. | Businessman


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