Prepare Ten Different Dishes Using Only Eggs

The humble egg is one of the most flexible foods you can eat. There are dozens of ways to do them, and no two are exactly the same. In this video from Brothers Green Eats, you will discover ten different dishes that can only be made with eggs (and possibly a little side dish).

From a simple (but improved) fried egg to deliciously juicy soft poached, all the way to whipped egg noodles and fluffy egg sandwich (where the filling, topping and yes, the bread are all eggs). you can work each one for a week or so and never get sick with eggs.

Some are more difficult than others – for example, cooking eggs in butter – a method we’ve covered earlier , but the anticipated admiration is well worth it. Other methods, such as a baked egg – which comes out of the oven at 350 degrees F (176 degrees C) in 10 minutes – with perfectly cooked protein and a pretty juicy yolk are easy to learn. Just watch the video above to see what we mean, or watch it on YouTube at the link below.

10 Creative One Egg Recipes | Brothers Green Eats (YouTube)


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