Improve Boring Bread Crumbs by Frying Them in Oil and Herbs

Breadcrumbs may seem like something that exists only to add texture to other, more interesting foods, but frying them in oil and herbs turns them into something you will want to eat on your own.

After a couple of pieces of dried bread have been ground into roughly uniform crumbs, melt half a stick of butter in a skillet with 1/4 cup olive oil. Once the mixture begins to foam, add four cloves of minced garlic and fresh herbs of your choice. You can use Bon Appetit Rye Breadcrumbs recipe or choose your own herbal adventure. Once the fat is full of flavor, add the crumbs and cook until golden brown. Strain on paper towels and then sprinkle on salads, soups, pasta dishes, or stews. When it comes to improving food quality, they have a lot of potential as a snack upgrade. I personally think they would be great sprinkled with popcorn or sour cream for texture-enhanced chips, but I don’t mind eating straight away.

Cook breadcrumbs like meat (butter, butter, flavors) | Bon appetit


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