Bring Your Knees to Your Elbows to Correct Deadlifts.

Lifting a huge weight off the ground requires many different muscles to work in sync. When you get in the right shape, you can lift more weight and (to some extent) protect yourself from injury . This tip helps to wake up all the muscles you need to pull hard .

This video from Breaking Muscle gives the details, but the key movement is to squeeze the knees into the elbows before you start lifting. It helps you activate the muscles in your glutes and thighs so that those muscles are in place and ready to work when the weight is lifted off the ground. If you don’t engage these muscles, it is easy to straighten your legs too early and your back will do too much of the work.

Reminder: You can hurt yourself with these big exercises, and you can’t expect to learn a new exercise from a video or two. So if you’ve never tried it before, seek out a qualified trainer to help you learn. (Or, if you need to try, start with a very light weight, with just a bar or even a broom.) See the link below for more information on how this tip can improve your deadlift.

A Simple Hint To Improve Your Deadlift Immediately | Breaking muscles


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