Piana Teaches You How to Play the Piano Right in Your Web Browser

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play the piano, Pianu can help you. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection, whether you are using a computer with a mouse and keyboard, a tablet or smartphone, or you actually have a keyboard to connect to your computer.

Pianu has two big features: first, the song catalog, which is a list of songs that range in complexity from beginner to expert, with increasing complexity. The catalog itself is free and you can play any songs in it, but you won’t get any instructions or anything else. Songs work the same way as in Rockband: the keys you have to press come down from the top of the screen, and when they touch a key, you have to press and hold until the next note appears. For advanced songs, you’ll have to control multiple keys, sync, etc. at the same time. It’s actually a lot of fun and you can experiment with the songs in the catalog right now.

The second important feature is Pianu Academy, which is a paid service and how the site makes money. Here you will receive interactive lessons and a lesson plan from which you will start learning the basics of piano playing right down to playing challenging pieces, step by step to learn and follow at your own pace. The academy will also teach you how to read sheet music, play chords, learn meter, and more. The complete package only costs $ 35, but if you just want to learn sheet music or learn chords, it will be $ 19 for any segment. You can even try the first lesson for free.

Pianu also has a keyboard directory where you can get tips for connecting your existing keyboard to your computer, or links to buy portable folding keyboards that work well with your PC, or full-size keyboards that are easy to connect. also connect. While the service doesn’t listen to your game in the way that Simply Piano mentioned earlier, it works on any device with a web browser, and if you’re happy with self-paced learning, it’s completely free. Click on the link below to check it out, or try the tutorial.



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