Most Viewed Posts This Week: Dec 18 to Dec 31

The vacation season is drawing to a close and some editors are leaving, but the hacks should continue in the final weeks of 2015. We learned about lockpicking and theater security, tried to read an entire book in a day, compared the best mid-range Android phones, and more. Here are the most popular posts from the past two weeks.

By learning how to pick locks, I learned how bad door locks really are.

About a month ago, I picked up a training set of lockpicks . I’ve always been curious about how hacking works and how difficult it really is. In my training, I discovered not only how easy it is, but also how to get outside the castle when it comes to protecting my home.

How to read an entire book in one day

You put off reading this book for several weeks, and you were supposed to read it all by tomorrow. Whether you’re heading to school or trying not to look like a lazy bum at your book club, don’t give up hope. You can go through this tome, not forgetting about everything and not leaving with anything.

10 best tricks to improve memory and remember everything

Memorizing things like names, dates, and other small details is a skill you can hone and hone. Here are ten methods anyone can learn to improve memory.

Avoid “overhead shots” for better selfies

A popular selfie tip is to raise the camera above your head and look at it so that it hides its chin and looks slimmer. Although it looks unnatural. Tess Holliday’s model shows how to achieve the same effect while looking natural.

How Outlet Stores Make You Think You Are A Great Deal

Outlets are supposed to be places where you can get great discounts on branded clothing, but they aren’t always what they seem. This video shows you how some stores rip you off and some red flags to watch out for.

Four Outdated Ideas Advertisers Continue to Promote for Smartphones

Sometimes advertisers are misleading. It’s kind of their job. What starts out as a slight drift to get you to buy can end up becoming a myth so widespread that we all just assume it’s true. Here are some things you believe in smartphones just because a marketer thinks it’s a good idea.

Slim Pocket standoff: Google Nexus 5X vs. OnePlus X

Not everyone wants a phone so big that it’s hard to put in a pants pocket or use it with one hand. Fortunately, more and more manufacturers are hearing our calls, and two big contenders have come to the fore: the Google Nexus 5X and OnePlus X. Both are thin, thin and powerful, but not expensive. Here’s how they compare.

Ultimate To-Do List App Comparison Chart compares the most popular productivity apps

To-do list apps are the cornerstone of a productivity system designed for the digital worker. But which application to use is subjective. A crowdsourced app comparison table with to-do list helps you choose the app you want.

12 most common plants that are toxic to cats and dogs

Cats and dogs usually don’t know what makes them sick, so their curious nature sometimes takes over. To keep your pets safe, avoid any of these common plants in your home.

Life-Changing Cleaning Wizardry : Mind- Hacking Tips to Live a Clutter-Free Life

Japanese organizing consultant Mari Kondo launched the worldwide clutter craze with her pocket book Life-Changing Cleaning Magic . After reading the book, it’s easy to see why. This book can change your perception of your property.

How to become a five-star Uber or Lyft passenger

You probably check the ratings of your Uber and Lyft drivers before getting in your car, but these drivers also look at your rating. A poor rating can make future travel much more difficult. To keep your passenger rating as high as possible, you also need to know what drivers are looking for in passengers.

How to Install Unapproved Apps on iPhone without Jailbreak

Apple is notoriously choosy about which apps are allowed on their store, which means that many great apps will get blocked. Jailbreaking has always been the main method of obtaining unapproved apps , but jailbreaking can be a lot of hassle. If you just want to get one or two non-Apple approved apps like Kodi , video game emulators, or even F.lux- like Gamma Thingy , sideloading is the way to do it. The process is free, simple and only takes a couple of minutes.

Airlines with the worst level of service on board

Unless you are flying first class, there is not much to expect from most airlines. Most of them leave much to be desired, but some are worse than others. Travel + Leisure has named the world’s airlines with the worst in-flight service.

10 best cleaners you should completely DIY

When you make your own detergents and other cleaning solutions, you not only have control over the ingredients you use, but you can also save a decent amount. Often the ingredients are already in your home. Here are 10 cleaners and tools you can make yourself.

Turn your Raspberry Pi Zero into almost any USB device you can imagine

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a pretty humble little device , but the folks at Adafruit figured out that the Zero can be turned into a USB device, which means it can be used to make a range of electronics, ranging from an Ethernet device. to the camera.

How to level up tabletop role-playing games

Tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons and FATE are not only fun, they can really improve your life . Whether you’re new to tabletop RPGs or a veteran goblin slayer, there are tons of tricks that will make your games even more addictive and fun.

How to shop, cook and eat healthy foods for one

Individuals working alone face unique healthy eating challenges beyond a lack of culinary skills. Cooking and eating alone isn’t all that fun, and there are very few food items in packs. The trick is to get the urge to cook once a week so you can enjoy healthy meals for the next few days.


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