Remember This Number When Buying a Dining Room Rug

A dining area rug should be large enough to fit your table and chairs, but should also provide enough space behind the chairs so that you never get caught in chairs or tripped over. If you’re looking for a new rug, remember the magical dimension: 36 inches of headroom behind retracted chairs.

This extra room gives people enough room to stand up without hitting the chair legs over the edge of your rug. When measuring, to get the ideal dimensions for your new carpet, measure your room and then your table. Then add 36 inches from the retracted chairs around the table. Now you have the perfect size: everyone can sit comfortably or move around without tripping over someone or pushing or pulling a chair in the dining room. If your dining room is too small for this buffer space, you might want to skip the rug altogether.

Numbers You Need to Know: Dining Room | This old house


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