PSA: Keep Pets Away From the Water From the Tree

If your pets drink from sources other than a water bowl, then you need to do a bit of work setting up the Christmas tree. Chemicals from the fertilizers used on the tree can get into the water in the stall and you don’t want your pets to drink it.

In addition to fertilizers, stagnant water in trees can contain bacteria that can make your pet sick if they drink it. When picking up a tree, use a tree skirt or make a hole in the trash bag to keep the stand closed until you need to water it. Thread the tree through the hole, then into the stand. Wrap the bag (or skirt) with tape around the stand to cover the open top. While this makes water changes difficult, pets should be kept away. For more information on how to keep your pet safe during the holidays, follow the link below.

Vacation Safety Tips | ASPCA


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