Start at the ‘X’ Mark on Your Lipstick for the Perfect Lip Shape

If you want to outline the upper lip with the perfect Cupid bow, start by drawing the letter “X” as a guide. This trick will help you get the shape you want in just one extra step at the beginning.

To create the perfect M-shape (also called a Cupid’s bow) on the upper lip, follow these steps:

  1. Using a lip pencil, draw a diagonal line from one top of the cupid’s bow to the bottom of the upper lip. Do the same on the other side, crossing the first line to make an “X” shape.
  2. Bring in the rest of the lip as usual. Follow the natural shape of the upper lip downward from the top of the cupid’s arch to the corners of the mouth. Align your lower lip.
  3. Fill the upper lip with gloss or lipstick diagonally, keeping it within the already drawn “X”. Fill in the lower lip.

This trick is especially useful if you don’t use much lipstick and don’t have a routine. After you finish applying lipstick, blot any excess with a tissue. A step-by-step visual guide can be found at the link below.

A little lip trick | Beauty Department


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