Softening Large Chunks of Hard Brown Sugar in the Oven

If brown sugar has turned into bulky chunks that are harder than granite, baking quickly in the oven can turn them back into piles of soft, eatable grains.

If you’re dealing with hard lumps of brown sugar, Food52’s Teresa Floyd recommends tossing them in the oven. Simply heat it up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, spread the slices on a parchment baking sheet, and let it heat for about five minutes. Be sure to keep an eye on it, otherwise it may start to melt. If the pieces don’t come apart after five minutes, heat them at minute intervals until you can. You can also separate brown sugar from the lumps in the microwave , but there may not be enough of it, and this method is better for really solids. Once everything is soft, you can keep it the same as a piece of bread .

Best Brown Sugar Softener Options | Food52


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