Learn How to Tie a Zip Tie With This Video

Nodes may seem like an old-fashioned skill to learn, but in reality , they can be really useful in many situations . In this video, you will learn how to tie a tie knot, which is essentially a primitive version of a zip tie.

This quick tutorial from ITS Tactical YouTube explains how to tie a tight knot . You can use this knot to close and secure bags, tie something to a post or branch, tie objects (like sticks, pillars, etc.) together, and it is even used as a ligature in surgery. The knot is very strong (tightens a lot) and is very difficult to untie, but like the zip tie, it is also very secure. The tighter the rope or rope is pulled, the tighter the knot is tied. Plus, it’s easy to learn and can be knitted in seconds. However, if you want to untie the knot soon, you are better off using the slip option (also demonstrated in the video).

Knot of the Week HD: Tieing and Slippery Knot Tying | ITS Tactical


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