Bing2Google Redirects Bing Searches From Windows 10 to Google

Chrome: Windows 10 offers a ton of nice new features . Among them, you can now search the Internet directly from the Start menu. However, he will always use Bing. The Bing2Google Chrome extension will redirect your search to Google instead.

Once installed, this extension will redirect any Bing search in your browser to Google searches for the same words. It will only work if Chrome is set as your default browser, and won’t actually affect any results you get from the Start menu itself (like “what’s the weather?” Or “how many ounces are in a cup ? “).

It’s worth noting that this extension will always redirect Bing to Google, even if you manually open in your browser. While this may be good for most people, Bing can do some things well at times, but you’ll have to temporarily disable the extension to use it.

Bing2Google | Chrome Web Store via Windows


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