Amazon Dash Buttons Now Available to All Major Members

The Amazon Dash button allows you to place an order for one specific product. Attach a button anywhere, and when you run out, click the button and the order will be automatically sent to you.

When Amazon first announced Dash Button on March 31st, many thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke. It turned out that this was not the case, as some lucky ones managed to try them out during the trial period. A certain number of Dash Buttons are now available to all Amazon Prime customers for $ 4.99 each, and you can choose from brands like Glad, Gatorade, Clorox, Maxwell House, Tide, Gillette, and Bounty. Each button is associated with one brand, and you will use your smartphone to connect the button to a specific product of that brand. Amazon claims they are currently in a limited supply, so if you’ve wanted one for a long time, maybe now is the time to order.

As we mentioned earlier, there is a downside to this convenience , namely that one-button ordering does not allow price comparisons before buying. And it is true. You might be better off going shopping, or at least using Amazon Prime Pantry’s offer instead. But if the convenience is worth it and you’re already loyal to the brand, the Dash button comes in very handy. I received an early trial offer and am using it to order laundry detergent. For some reason, this item never makes it to my shopping list because I just don’t think about it unless I’m in the laundry room. It’s very easy to just press a button when I see I’m running out.

And hey, if you have a bit of DIY, it’s also worth mentioning that you can build your own Dash from the Raspberry Pi and have a lot more control over what you order and how much you pay.

Amazon Dash Buttons Are Finally Available To Everyone | Consumer


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