Use a Tea Ball to Flavor Soups and Broths

The garni bouquet (aka fancy little bunches of herbs for flavoring soups and broths) is usually wrapped in cheesecloth or muslin bags so that they can be easily removed once they add flavor. That’s all well and good, but there is a reusable washable jar for your little scented tea bags, and this is a regular tea ball.

Considering that a tea ball costs about ten dollars, I don’t know why you shouldn’t use it for such savory infusions. Can you pack them with the classic parsley / thyme / bay leaf combination, or try something a little different like lemongrass with ginger and lime leaves? The beauty of the tea ball is that you never have to “run fast for gauze,” which gives you the opportunity to try endless combinations.

Tip: Use Tea Balls to Flavor Your Soup | Kitchen


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